20 Free & Secure Online Cloud Storage Service Providers

 Many people now rely on online storage as a convenient way to keep important files safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. Several options are available if you’re looking for a secure online cloud storage provider offering a free plan with at least 2 GB of cloud storage.

While you may have a PC with 2 TB or more of storage space, you can always rely on additional cloud storage. These storage solutions also offer features like secure sharing, making them an even better choice.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Extra Storage Space On The Cloud?

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With the increasing popularity of online storage, there are many providers in this field. In this post, I share with you twenty reliable names who provide a secure and feature-rich online storage solution for free.

20 Best Free and Secure Online Cloud Storage Service Providers List

1Loio8qghc3gfvyfasagl foebp lf8zkypzx8uiGoogle Drive provides you with a free 15 GB of shared storage for each email address you have registered on Gmail.
2Dropbox gives you 2 GB of space for free but has the option to integrate across multiple platforms.
3Fcjdvmtqmdfy9izxcftyfavc99nn5q014pz0hxsnttqdczbortwfdokwwm0ifc7qhMicrosoft OneDrive offers 5 GB of shared storage space with all security features.
4Axv2avf6qfs3urt6zduh k9qmesipatwph7doua7g8re0bzr5mvziculsqcgwoub9typxc6avg7va6wdrac3zegjj1fq5krexwqn8igrsfrte 2gl4v8zjuw 4q0zrzf gi3odamchjk7vfzehtj41qiCloudfrom Apple is strictly for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. It provides 5 GB of secure cloud storage on its cloud.
5Kj3tguvs9fi7o evzgaeanjjvveulw88vg5s jztpsdggaajua5sv5jqzrbuaj6uryn9nifu5kihkiirsr17tw98m98fd6 bmd250dkgp80 35 8q1g7crfaift46v7dqarwBox comes with up to 10 GB of storage in its free plan, with some limitations on features for personal use.
6Rqpsaxwzqvftywh4neszob3knnrwv4 usdefr98opnyl0nyoxad1qwa3nrt9aolti 4mag7qotv246u802d1rjezoguipue1plhbm2uj6xq1o25xu enwzooyxrhxusluri6qx7o4z6 dj5jnxdtpfoJumpshare’s basic plan includes access to 2 GB of cloud storage.
7sync.comallows you to use 5 GB of secure storage with basic sharing features.
8Uv mcdscbmeysgmavofqcwulys5jnr0oyzkjoekg5a8q knmknpxphzwcportav u3edkqsp3j hatjxpvrzzz3lxyvd31chhbzyn1f7x4sstyfr91t5rpy8smvqpa0fsal4u0yqeaxbivtyf3qt1agSyncplicity allows you to store 10 GB with their free plan.
9Jf8oru0zbiovtxrbz3bcoxp4ff3nsukresltrkiw8f7ijeutigzpi4olinhiffbzfqveh32ghqucagg0vztjeznj3lqgwr9 mwdvdjyzz gyjup3hhrptgwi3w4kcio635umiqs63glyy1wqvir2miwIcedrive provides 10 GB of cloud storage for free.
10Up7bzb7ii pud7o76unvnalotjuzumge66qenwlrvadjglbyzjoouoew19snssilmydx22jzloba3rcsup 6on0c6gsoesjabd6l aipf4hqb7s c9ehyekluzdfikar0mpjdqzjpjvmlvsnsrzk4jgInternxt also allows up to 10 GB of free space.
11Koofr, just like Icedrive, gives you 10 GB of free cloud storage.
12For its basic plan, MediaFire offers 10 GB of free cloud storage space.
13Hhm7rvo2mj64miebv9hzuxliainefj1g xkpw 1mmd ae6fuijj5o3gc98xo7kb44pfliakhg70jpcjqkwiqgmzuhd4tm e 7bwsv4lmmakjydkcktv m na mzhizcvtscn6crhzdziw9sml joofqMimedia’sstarter plan includes 10 GB of free online storage.
14J3ctcmdqfrx41lwtlhvj96vxgkdaetlhjrk6zpxa6lvrq vqgikcn1wmbakysrv7sr3psrcocowl2qgyuhitnx mqltlhig8cmqrp5bgaxg mgsid31sv4rqfis96qrzbdkke fraydrvllzcjyxeg8CBackup provides you with 10 GB of space through its free plan.
15K2tggemvj9avgzlhjjf nglpdmtfwr26sunovu0l2rzl09bx dbwyvrffei9f8ojt eqajbw9lc8ypwhqmazlklxjt8nin ru4v8Degoo offers 20 GB of cloud storage with its free plan.
16Z0noluc dovko0ysozyh9l80vdichfzx3ipsv6cirpvdvjgj5p43o8re9muwmg4r8cjfb7 znyvhcjb6bngo7ijbfrd4zfowyejk6xj5ofgo8aakojchehdqtpul8zn ef9lw8yw565kum6iw3p0bkqIDrive offers 5 GB of storage space for free.
17Hvxsni9njxhhetd7sr6p64rgouh 89yoipu6ub8pm0olhr0jhyyfnieyu ywhp9vfwg 4 djnp yxsaeka8jljdshnip2xa u 85si gv3y4vh7n1ufzwrjkp p761x6tucortmwtb5wbog9fwqe kOpenDrive allows you 5 GB of space within its free plan.
18Btktelwflxjozkqqb5vknwjazbgiu7lpnkhmvifzlukjsaticiqb9mpeytnneylhdg dyau5i n1vfbo2r7epmebet71gyfpd4rnpfdpywegkep3v1u50sf9 x2gwtqeijj4c760e7ozh6 eou33icmMEGA has a 20-GB free plan in its cloud.
19Kk7sqif5zxwgbj0mmf01xobevcs10mgrkmnnrgsqpaw6 cwlveylhewz83t40kxpCloud gives you up to 10 GB  of cloud storage for free when you sign up.
20Kdz9fypkjg5bhahf7yequj z1hjrxrfaaqlwn6t64dblcqlskp1slx8clwcrfkh4tarv7txqpadxbvyarr393d ybcbrytlvppr gzj i80cc4p51to2ky 9asgui5kph jh4pu6irglppkgc4vjt0iAmazon S3 from AWS offers 5 GB of storage for 12 months for free. 

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You can download the free list of 20 Cloud Storage Providers here.

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Final Thoughts

With this, I conclude this exhaustive list of 20 Free Online Cloud Storage Service Providers. Almost all of these providers offer various levels of security measures such as encrypted connection protocols and two-factor authentication processes, ensuring your personal information stays safe from any malicious attacks. And all of these providers have paid plans in case you want to upgrade for more space and features.

For many of these storage providers, you can register with your Google account. So if you need a lot of storage and have no inhibitions about using different service providers, registering with 20 of these services can give you a total of 174 GB of online cloud storage absolutely free.

I use Google Drive, Dropbox, and Mega. Now it is your turn.

Share this list with your friends, and let me know if you are using any of these services.

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