6 Free Tools to Protect PC and Fix Windows

Protecting our PC comes as the first priority when working online. There are many software’s out there which provide you with all-around protection and optimization, but they come with a price tag. In this article, we will share with you six free tools to protect PC and fix windows problems while keeping it optimized with regular updates.

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6 free tools to protect pc and fix windows 8

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

This is a free anti-virus program, which is provided by Microsoft Windows. It comes with your OS.

With time, Microsoft has improved upon its anti-virus software and today it is quite efficient in blocking threats. With Microsoft Defender Antivirus you get protection from malware, harmful websites, and identity theft.

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6 free tools to protect pc and fix windows 9

If you want to keep Microsoft Defender running passively along with your existing third-party antivirus software you can download and read this guide.

You can also opt for a separate standalone Windows 64bit Malicious Software Removal Tool, available from Microsoft.

IObit Malware Fighter

This free version of malware fighter provides real-time protection and automatic scan against threats before it’s installed. It also provides powerful privacy and browser protection.

The only drawback is that you have to update IObit Malware manually when the program notifies you.

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6 free tools to protect pc and fix windows 10

Ashampoo AntiSpy

We are all aware that when surfing online our activity is monitored and recorded. Similarly, windows and the other applications we use on our desktops also collect data for obvious reasons.

The free Ashampoo AntiSpy strives to protect our privacy by disallowing apps to collect data without our permission.

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6 free tools to protect pc and fix windows 11

IObit Uninstaller

Many a time we find certain programs difficult to uninstall. Apart from this when we uninstall programs they leave traces in the registry. IObit Uninstaller helps you remove the most stubborn of programs with all its associated files for a safe, fast, and light PC.

It is also the most preferred uninstaller by millions of people.

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6 free tools to protect pc and fix windows 12

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This fast PC tuner not only boosts your PC’s performance but also rids your machine of unnecessary services and processes. Ashampoo WinOptimizer erases browser traces, invalid shortcuts, and unnecessary running services. Optimizing system settings is its core function.

If you are running an older version of Windows you can install the relevant version. In the future you may find new versions, so keep checking the website annually.

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6 free tools to protect pc and fix windows 13


This portable PC repair freeware allows you to fix and repair windows 10 and windows 11 problems, issues, and annoyances. You will not need to use FixWin tool often.

Always remember to create a restore point through your system restore settings before using this program.

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6 free tools to protect pc and fix windows 14


Paid options are always better than free or at least we tend to think so.

Most free programs are trial versions or come with limited features or worse still, show plenty of ads or slow down the PC. To avoid these and to appreciate the hard work behind creating these tools you should opt for paid versions if you have the resources.

Having said that, I have used all of these free programs on my last PC before upgrading the hardware. I have not found any of these programs interfere with one another or restrict the other to do its task.

I hope those of you who are looking for free alternatives to protect and boost your old PC find this post helpful.

Put forward suggestions in the comments if you have come across something better.

Do not hesitate to submit an article or infographic on other fully free tools to protect your PC. Credit will go to you on the ValuePane blog.

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